I know I have already told you about my Stevie Wonder. But, sometimes a mother just can’t help but say more then once….

WOW! Where did this kid come from?

Stephen is always doing. 

So, this Christmas I noticed Stephen was dragging trees up from the woods. ((Yes, I said dragging trees up from the woods.)) And wouldn’t you know,  every time I tried to grab my camera to take a shot of this funny site, someone distracted me.  Every time I would move towards the garage door to go outside to find out what the heck all the sawing was about. . . Someone distracted me. 

This game went on for the month of December. I knew that what ever Stephen was doing  it was special, and that it was for me. For once, I stayed out of his business. I left him alone and let him work. I silently held my breath every time I heard the saw being turned on… wondering, hoping, praying, like only a mother would. . . Does he know how to use that thing? 

He worked in freezing temperatures in our unheated garage through the early morning and into the night. After he cut the trees down, he cut the branches off, shaved the bark from the trunks and then cut the wood to size. He is truly a wonder. 

It is after Christmas and he is still working on this labor of love. This bench for his mother. A Christmas present for me. . .or Mother’s Day. . .maybe my birthday. Who knows? But, he will finish it.  

Now here’s the funny part. The bench is as big a large couch. Notice in the picture: to get out the garage door a step up is needed. The top of the couch bench hits the middle of the door frame. 

This Stevie Wonder as I call him. . .Is 16 years old and stands over 6 feet 4 inches.  This bench will be a perfect size for him as we sit on it and talk about his bright future. I always say, “He needs a big body to carry that big heat of his.”

This little boy of mine makes me wonder, “How did I get so lucky?” and then I wish Everyone could have a Stevie Wonder in their life.” They are just so great!

22 thoughts on “Paul Bunyan’s Bench

  1. How did you get so lucky indeed! What a blessing to have such a wonderful son. I love that he is working so hard on this labor of love for you.Heartwarming. : ) It is beautiful. He does amazing work.


  2. That is an incredible amount of work! And it's quite beautiful too! It's totally worth a step stool and swinging feet if it means a few precious conversations with this guy. Things like this just make a mother's heart burst with pride.


  3. I was blessed with three such sons…the oldest is now 40, the youngest 26. I raised the two youngest alone ( with thhe help of their older brother, with no child support. They were wonderful kids and they are just as wonderful as adults!


  4. Lisa, I do not know how I missed this post!!! Your son rocks!! And you have got to stop being a worried Mama…:) Do post pictures when the bench is done!!


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