Do you remember in September I told you Kathryn fell down the stairs?

She walked around in a boot for weeks and she was miserable.  

Well. . . IT happened again! 

My poor girl! 

Same stairs. Same ankle. Shorter boot. Different story. . .NOT as bad! 

This time she jumped over the last three steps on our stairs.


She jumped over the last three steps on the stairs. Now see. . . That makes sense.

So here we are: going back to the same doctor, the same building. .  different night. 


I wonder, when are they going to ask me. . . “Who’s pushing her?”….Mmmmm

It seems like every couple of months Kathryn is  sporting some kind of brace, a cast or stumbling around on crutches. As my father would say, “Much like her mother.” You see, I was always “sporting a cast, in a brace or stumbling around on crutches”.

My father had this theory: He thought, tall girls must have balance and joint issues. He would say, “It seemed the height, age and the brain of the girl were not quit making the connection that the girl is young and tall.” He would often say I was growing so fast I didn’t understand the length of my body. I came crashing down more often then. . most. Much like my daughter.   I guess you could say, “The apple does not fall fare from the tree.” 


Then we should just put a splint on it and take her to the doctor. 

So, here we are again. . .Back on a couch. Back in a boot. Back on crutches. This time there is a difference. . . not only is our boot shorter

we have Jen.

Jen is our Physical Therapist. You see our doctor mentioned: There is a new study being done on tall girls. They are finding tall girls fall and hurt them selfs more often then anyone else there age.  The study is showing a link between height, loose joints, and the brain not quit making the connection of the height and age of the girl

Mmmmm. . . Where have I heard that before? 

The doctor said, “Kathryn needed to strengthen those ankles.” After all,  “If Kathryn was going to be a 13 year old girl, she was going to do things like jump over stairs AND she needed to stick those landings.”  

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12 thoughts on “Kathryn & The Link

  1. Poor Kathryn! My girls are not tall however my niece who is 13 is about 5'6". She is much taller than my girls who are 5'1" and 5'. She is always falling. So far she has not broken anything but she has pretty much steered clear of anything sport realated due to her "clumsiness". Hope Kathryn feels better soon.


  2. Oh NO! Kathryn? Not again?! Oh dear, hope you are not in too much discomfort. Mary Kate says…you know what this means?..Time for another pedicure! What an interesting study. And to think that your father had deduced the link so long ago. He was even smarter than we all knew! Hopefully, they'll keep you informed of their findings and who knows maybe Kathryn will make a name for herself because of her tipsy ways.Hope you are feeling better and back on both feet real soon.XOXORegina


  3. I have never heard that about tall girls. interesting. Hope she can heal quick and be done with the falls.Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your comment.


  4. WOW! She is tall for 13! I am 22 and am about 5'6ish. I'm about half an inch taller than my parents though so Im guessing i got my height from my Grandpa on my moms side as he is around 6'1. But I hope she gets outta that boot fast and those ankles get super strong!


  5. HI LISA-oh my, poor thing – miserable indeed. I never heard of the link between tall-age-girl before. Hmmmmmmm. Hope all is healed soon.Love Gailpeace…..


  6. Please tell Katherine that when she comes to Florida, the salt water is very healing and I feel that will help her. She can sit with Nana on the beach and soak her feet and legs along with Nana. It is 80 degrees here and the water is very,Auntie


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