In the attempt to improve my camera skill. . .Or . . . The lack of my camera skill.  I thought I would play the i heart faces weekly photo challenge:

This week a face and a heart was required for the picture. I have been reading directions and instructions and watching tutorials on how to take a nice photo in hopes to improve. Is my skill better? I don’t know. I’m more confused then ever. Maybe that shouldn’t matter, I’ll tell you this. . .Mary Elizabeth sure loved it when I drew the lipstick heart on her face. You would think the child has been modeling her whole life.  She was so excited it was hard to keep her still just for a few seconds. When I went to wash her face she was stunned and she asked if she could leave it there forever.  When I told her we had to wash it off she said. . .”BUT! I want to show Nana. . .She will love my face with a heart on it.” 


6 thoughts on “I Heart Her Face. . .

  1. You certainly met the criteria. I like your blog background. You really have a good subject, so "pay" her well.I am hoping my health permits be back to using my camera soon. Just as if I needed another problem, I now have bronchitis.


  2. Lisa, your idea is great!! I can see the look of delight in her eyes, thanks to the heart on her cheek…:) Don't little girls all over the world love lipsticks???


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