Remember THIS?
Remember, I told you my Stevie Wonder was making THIS for me. . . It was a Christmas present.               Well. . . we are at IT again. 

By saying we. . . I totally mean HIM.

He told me he “hit a snag”.  He said, he had to think about how to get everything to fit together just right and it may just take him awhile. 

So, he thought about it 

and figured it all out by himself.  Now he is on a roll. 

I think I just might have my bench before Mother’s Day or sometime close to Mother’s Day.                  Well, maybe for my birthday. 

10 thoughts on “He’s @ IT again

  1. This made me grin from ear to ear…he sounds a little like my dh! The bench will be perfect…when you get it!Blessings!(Coming from Studio JRU)


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