My friend Ellie and her daughter Tia came over Friday. The girls colored Easter eggs and played through the morning. 

You may know Ellie from her blog Shine!. It’s a beautiful photography blog about her family.  The love Ellie has for her family “Shine!s through her photography.  

I wanted a little project for the girls to do while Tia and Ellie where here because my little friend. . .Mary Elizabeth. . . is a little reluctant when meeting up with new friends. She doesn’t really like change very much. She is happy with her day to day home school life.  Tia is the type of girl who never meets a stranger. Everyone is her friend. They just don’t know it yet. 

As the girls colored their eggs, Ellie and I talked about everything under the sun, including the lighting in my kitchen window.  I learned it was perfect for Easter egg coloring shots. I always learn so much about photography when Ellie is around. 

Ellie is the type of friend that just makes you feel good. She is the type of friend you can have over when things are NOT going just right. Things like: when the vacuum cleaner belt breaks an hour before she comes and you don’t have another to finish the job. OR  When you ask your sons to mow the grass the day before because, “We are having company tomorrow.”  You tell them, “This lady has never been here before. I would at least like the house to  look like we try.” and then your sons  come in the house and say “Mom, the law mower is broken. I don’t know what is wrong with it.” 

She is the type of friend you could have over when you run out of milk and the laundry is pilling high in the hall. You know she is not judging you and thinking, WOW! What a loser! She can’t even keep milk in the house.  

You know the type. 

Lizzy and I need more friends like Ellie and Tia. They are simply easy 
 and fun to have around.  


Mother Teresa said it best:Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Man! Mother Teresa was a smart woman! 

Unknown Mami

Ni Hao Yall

17 thoughts on “Shine! & Easter Eggs

  1. She sounds like an absolutely wonderful friend to have around : ) The girls are SO cute together…I run out of milk all the time. I don't know how since it seems like I am forever buying it! I swear someone comes in and drinks it when we aren't here : )


  2. GREAT photos, the girls are just adorable and it looks like they're having fun together. Good job, mama, for getting a project together for them… Im usually not that up on things to do that for company! :)Sounds like a great friend too, and girl, you should see my laundry pile most days… we're all in this thing together.Love that quote, btw! Thanks for linking up with Sunday Citar!:)~Tabitha


  3. Yay for good friends! I can't wait to dye Easter eggs with my daughter next weekend. Such a childhood memory for me and I enjoy sharing that with her too.


  4. Definitely the forever kind of friend! They're the best kind. :)Aaack! Looking at these cute pics remind me that I have to get on with the Easter egg thingy… and I thought I'd be able to breathe now that Z's party is over. I am so glad I don't do party planning for a living!


  5. You've posted so much this week – yikes – I'm going to post those photos of the girls coloring eggs today. These are great photos – and we had such a wonderful time! THANKS!!!!we'll do it again soon – w/o the m&m's??!!xo ellie


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