It doesn’t take a psychic to know, we have big changes coming our way. 
Big Changes

It’s another birthday for him today, April 30.  There are so many things coming up for him I haven’t even told you about yet; for tomorrow there will be graduations to go to and  scholarships to use. My heart almost skips a beat when I think of these things. 

It all makes me wonder, are we ready for this new chapter in our lives? 

But then again, I’m not the kind of girl that thinks about tomorrow to often.  I can’t help but live in the moment of today.  In good ol’ southern fashion, I will think about tomorrow, tomorrow and  today, today.                 For as John Paul II said,  “The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

Today there is a cake to make, birthday presents to buy and a party to have. 

Happy Birthday my son.  

Unknown Mami

Sunday Snapshot


15 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. Happy birthday to your handsome son!Hope he has a super day and with you as his mom, i know he will…my oldest has just finished his second year of university…it sure goes by fast. xxoo


  2. Happy Birthday! Wowza, life is changing up for you!! I'm the same sort of girl as you " :)Sorry I haven't posted the girls easter egg fun – I am so behind – and now we have puppies!!!!love ya!xo ellie


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