Remember this? The suite not the kid.

 The kid is Stephen, my 16 year old gentle giant. He stands at 6′ 5″ and has a heart filled with gold.  I always say, Stephen needs a big body to hold that big heart of his. He is just a super kid. 

Enough about Stephen ~ I want to talk about the Bees:

Sunday it was time to see what the bees were up to all winter long; to see what T.V. shows they have been watching, to see what they had done with the place they call home. You know, just to see what’s been up. 

And maybe just maybe to ask them nicely if . . . gee, I don’t know. . . If they have any honey to spare?

So that’s what we did Sunday. . .We checked on the bees. 

And just because I am so very brave, I went with Stephen when he went “a knocking”.

I stood a heroic 25 feet away and used the zoom on my camera to take pictures of Stephen us checking on the bees. 

 Because I am such an awesome mother and I would do anything for my son ~ I gently
put the camera down. I backed up another ten feet while Stephen walked
towards me to get the camera so HE WE could take close up pictures. 

 Now, can’t you see just where his gentle heart comes from? 

Speaking of me. . . Today is June 21 ~ The first day of summer and most importantly the beginning of my birthday week. 

Just so you know: It has become my person policy to accept Birthday wishes, card, letters, gifts all week long. 

15 thoughts on “Busy Bees & A Birthday

  1. "Birthday Week" time!!!1 YAAAAAAY!!! Party all week!!!!!!! Another year young!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday my most special friend! I love you bunches!!!!And Stephen…yes, most def your "gentle giant". Next time the "Wizard of Oz's" Tin Man comes my way looking for heart, am sending him next door. 😉 The frame looks capped!!!! (i.e. packed with honey!!!) WHOO HOOO boys!!!!!


  2. wow, stephen is so tall! my husband would be jealous. he stopped at 6'1" but the doctors told him growing up he'd be 6'5". i giggle and tell him being a basketball player wasn't in the cards 😉 and bees…i am terrified of bees. so brave of you! and what a wonderful mommy you are, to be raising such an incredible young man. i hope that i can be half the mommy to mine, as you are to yours. ❤ i am so happy we connected.


  3. Happy Birthday Week!! (I totally support the week concept :-)Great son – I'd thought of keeping a hive at my previous place after I saw you can hire folks to come harvest the honey. Wouldn't dream of it out here in the mountains as we have a bear that periodically gets into trash folks have left out too early.


  4. First let me say all Birthdays should last a week, they do at my house. Happy Birthday! Love the bees they intrigue me…thanks for sharing those amazing creatures with us!Tiffany


  5. I remember it so well. The minute you were born, the Doctor said"if you ever have another child, do not come to me" Well, I didn't have any more, but I guess I was still the "director" that doctor didn't know what a great gal you are/were, and I am just happy you are part of my life.


  6. A birthday week! I love it!//Awesome pics of Stephen and my gosh is he and you both ever brave. I have to share this post with my kids because they are afraid of bees..(and every other insect) Abby won't even go to the bathroom if there is a fly in there. Any how….a birthday huh..well how's about sending me an addy and we can send you some nice Canadian card and maybe a treat or twoLisa


  7. Happy Birthday Week! I love that idea also – hmmm maybe we will have to swing by next week (we are leaving tomorrow for Pigeon Forge for a long weekend).Let me know if you are available at all!xo ellieps yes your Stephen is so sweet to check on the bees like that 🙂


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