Mr. President,
realize you are quite a busy man and may not have time for a letter such
as this. I consider myself a simple girl, so I will get right to the point.

high cost of fuel has put quite a strain on the palace budget. With the sky
rocketing prices of: gas, food, grain and education our little family  has meet up with
hard times.

is with great sadness that I must say . . . we are considering selling the
family carriage. If you wouldn’t mind focusing more on the economy, Charming and I would
consider it a personal favorer.
Love and affection forever yours,

12 thoughts on “A Simple Life

  1. Let me start by saying that your sweet comment has just made my day and your post will keep me smiling the rest of it:) Happy Tuesday and thanks a million…Tiffany


  2. I guess all the grain and corn are being used to fuel 8 cylinder carriages instead of 4-wheel horse drawn carriage whether 4 shoed hooves, or 8 shoed hooves or 8shoed hooves.Hmmm. that might make an interesting math study….nor sure how you can plug in an equation when in those days miles, etc. were largely variable by paths, or as we did with bikes, cut the butter across somebody's field.


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