Not Easier

So, here’s another attempt at yet another photo challenge. This one has to have the color green in the photo.   Today I am thinking . . . Geee, trying to win these things is quickly becoming an obsession for me.

 It’s almost like when I would see a trophy for a kick-boxing tournament. 

In those days, when I would hear about a tournament, my first thought was always “No, I am not going to enter. It would be crazy for me to enter. There is no way I’m going to do it.”  Then I would see the trophy and something would click. It always happened. I couldn’t help but drool a little and think “Ohhhh! That’s nice…” Before I  knew it, I was playing.  Funny thing about those trophies, each time I won one I gave it to my kids. They collect dust on their shelves. I guess these challenges are a little safer and not as intense. But, I tell you, they are not easier to win. 

The Paper Mama

Unknown Mami

"Take Pictures"

I know.  What can I say? She is the only one I have left that will let me take her picture over and over again.              ~  And yes. . . there is another contest. ~

This one is over at “The Paper Mama“.  The contest is called “your best shot”. This contest is being judged by some of my favorite bloggers. With these woman ~ I feel comfortable enough to give this contest a try. 

You see, I love snapping pictures.  AND. . . I am told I take a lot of pictures.  There are times I think, they might be right: I just may be taking way to many pictures and I should give it a rest.     

That’s when some of the last words my father  said to me creep into my mind:   

He whispered ~ “take pictures.”  With those words always on my mind and the sheer facts that I not only want to please him,  I really want to improve on this photography thing: I snap click. 

The only way to improve is to practice, practice, practice. Right? Oh! yeah, and have fun while your doing it too.  So here is my attempt of my “best shot” of yours truly from last week. We were just about to have a swimming lesson and she couldn’t have been happier . . . dirty face and all. 

The Paper Mama

Sunday Snapshot

A Day without the Best Nana Ever

Mary Elizabeth and I went to the Scottish Games at Furman University last weekend to see the activities and in hopes to meet up with “the best Nana ever” and Auntie, her sister. 

We saw men is skirts doing all kinds of things like: throwing sand bags and polls, playing bag pipes and flutes to beautiful dresses for woman.   ~ Sadly, we never found Nana or Auntie.

Without finding “the best Nana ever and her sister“,  quite honestly Mary Elizabeth was not very impressed with the Scottish Games or the men in skirts. 

She wanted to feed the Swans. Now to her, that is something to see. Everyone knows Furman is the place a person should go to feed ducks.  We left our hopes of finding Nana and her sister: We left the Scottish men in skirts and went to the ducks and swans.  

Although the swans were very exciting the day was hot.  We decided blue ice cream was in order and thought just maybe Nana and her sister might have the same idea.  They like ice cream.             But, it ended up just being the two of us.               One of us was happy about that ~ the other one. . .well. . . she just wanted to see “the best Nana ever. . . that was all.”

When we saw balloons in the distance our hearts soared with pure joy . 

We thought it would be fun to call Stephen to ask if he wanted to join us in our great balloon chase. After all, everyone knows,  if you can’t see “the best Nana ever. . . and her sister” “the best big brother ever” IS . . .well. . . second best. 

So we quickly picked up Stephen and began our adventure (( with our second best))  “the best big brother ever” by our side.

 and we  “chased balloons ALL. . . Night. . . Long” ~   as my youngest daughter tells the story. 
The End! 
Playing along with: 

In the Distance

 The theme over at I Heart Faces this week is Distance.

I took this photo of balloons in the distance last week when Mary Elizabeth, Stephen and I went out “to chase” balloons that flew from Freedom Weekend Aloft.  

In this photo, if you look closely, you can see a person in the basket of the balloon releasing the fires. You can see the excitement of people running around as the balloon takes flight. You can see the Carolina sunset sinking into the trees as the balloon and it’s passenger reaches for the sky to bid good night.