Yadda Yadda Yadda

Have you ever had a week. . . or two. . . that you just wanted to yadda yadda yadda over?  Those weeks that the hours and days just seem to run into each other because the stress of that time seemed to be more then you can handle.  

You know those days, we all have them. 

Those times when life seems to be going well and then suddenly, “yadda yadda yadda” your heart skips a beat, you hold your breath for days, time stops and the hours run into each other until someone says, “With a few changes and yadda yadda yadda things will be okay.”

That was my week last week. 

 I felt so over whelmed and tired I wanted to yadda yadda yadda” over it all. . . just to get through. 

So here’s what happened; the doctor said Mark must have had a little virus maybe a month or so ago.  Then silently that little virus turned into something we never knew could happen. We didn’t even notice any of it at first. Suddenly Mark ended up in the hospital for what seemed like weeks. . . but, it was only a couple of days. 

And yadda, yadda, yadda he will be fine and most importantly, the beat goes on.  

~Thank God~

A Photo Prop & a Fifth Birthday

The photo challenge over at I Heart Faces this week is using props in your photos. With this I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up a little bit on all things blogging and I thought I could use this picture of Liz and her giant sized teddy bear. 

 Honestly, since I came home from Massachusetts and my uncles funeral last week it has been nothing but go, go, go.  I will be telling you all about our trip soon. The real reason I came to talk to you today is ~ hold on to your hat now:                

I have a confession to make.  

Her Birthday was July 7th. 

11 DAYS ago and I haven’t posted about it yet. Can you believe that?  What a bad blogging mommy I am. Honestly, I have been so swamped with things going on around here since I came home, I just haven’t had a chance to put a birthday post up. I left Mark with four kids, a business to run and lots and lots of laundry to do. While I was gone one of the things that happened last week was Stevie Wonder bought himself a new toy. You know how he loves to build and tinker. This time he bought  a dremel. With this new toy, he  cut his finger badly again this summer.  It really does take two of us to keep an eye on things  and so when one of us is gone and then we come back home the punishment is. . .more work to do. 

Blogging had to be the last thing on the list. 

Even though her 5th birthday was July, 7th. . .11 days ago. . . I just couldn’t get to a post about it.  

I will have you know, according to her, the birthday went off just grand and The Best Nana ever bought the best present ever.      AND  now, she’s 5 and 11 days.  and I think. . .

Blogging and posting is not the most important thing. 


Uhhh??? Hello??? 


I also figured, What the heck! I would play along with the ladies from Communal Global  and Sweet Shot Tuesday

Uncle Joe

Our Father‘s Brother,   Joseph J. Finnell Jr , has died today.

Growing up my Father and Uncle Joe were very close. . . like brothers should be. But, they were more then that. These two were best friends. 

 The loyalty of their relationship for both men lasted a life time.  

 As the two grew older and distance separated them the love the brothers had for each other  reached 1000 miles and grew in their children.  Even though my brothers, sisters and I didn’t know Uncle Joe very well the stories of their childhood together lived on in our father. Our father loved and admired his brother. We delighted in hearing the stories of years gone past of the two friends growing up in the city of Boston; selling papers at a very young age,  jumping on street cars for a free ride, dreaming on the deck of a yacht they could only sneak on and just simply running amok.                        

  I can only think as Uncle Joe’s daughter said ~  “The brothers are together again.” 

It is with a heavy heart we say, Rest in Peace Uncle Joe. We all have a great love for you. 

If I posted in May

I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of June July 4rd ~ Independence day and I’m just now getting around to finishing this post I wanted to put up from May.  There was so much I wanted to tell you about. Sure you know about the big party and the blast from the past, but, really there was so much more. 

For weeks I had planned this post in my mind but I never really took the time to get to it done.

              Now I wonder. . .  Is it to late? 

I mean it’s July for crying out loud. It’s Independence day. I should be putting up pictures of fireworks. I would if I had one decent shot from the night. But, I don’t. So now here I am thinking, should I go backwards and just post what I had planned or what?  I am behind on this thing. I do enjoy posting very much. 

AND I think. . .

If I posted in May one of the things I most definitely would have put on would be this picture. It’s of Matthew going to the prom with good friends. I also would have told you how bad I  felt about missing the whole getting ready for prom,  dress up and posing for picture thing.  

I would have told you I missed the before prom “thing” because I was in N.C. at David’s confirmation.  I am sure I would have reminded everyone that David is Mark’s sister’s son. I’m just like that. . . I really don’t like to leave people hanging and keep them wondering ab… 

Then I would have said Mark was David’s Confirmation sponsor and the serves was quite lovely. I really was happy we were there. 
I would have told you not to worry to much about me missing the festivities for Matthew because I didn’t  actually miss seeing him in his Tux.   When I asked Matthew to put the tux on for me the day before he quickly obliged.  He’s a good son and ~ we all know ~ he loves his momma.  

I would have told you how I happily adjusted the vest and took pictures of my very handsome son that day. 

remember thinking ~  I really wish I could be a the meeting place with all the other moms for the picture fun. You know to make sure everything went off okay and just to make sure my little boy would be alright with those people and that girl.   

 Who is very lovely by the way. I really do like her very much.  

 ~  This is “my baby” we are talking about.  My Little boy. . . He’s only 6ft. 2 inches in height and you know something could happen to him. 

 and then the it occurred to me ~ 


 If Mark and I couldn’t be there on this very important night. . . then who would be the next best person to send.  

Who did I know with experience in this kind of thing? This person had to be someone that could go undercover and check things out without being to pushy or maybe  this person could be just pushy enough but could get away with it.    You know the type.  But, who???

The Best Nana Ever! That’s who. . .

She did a superb job! and all went well with the night.  The kids had a great time. 

One thing I know I would have liked to post in May would
have been this picture. It’s a picture of Brian and Father Theo at Brian’s
First Communion. I would have mentioned how happy and excited Brian was to finally
receive the Body of Christ.

I also would have mentioned all this took place the same day
as the big party. I would have mentioned how the whole day was a world wind of changing
clothes, getting ready and celebrations for us all. I would have mentioned this
very important fact about Brian on this post. . .if I posted in May. But, you
know what? I totally forgot.

I totally forgot to
even post this picture.

I even forgot my camera that morning and last night after I
hit post on this post, I went to bed. Then it hit me, I remembered I completely
forgot about Brian’s First Communion.
As the family
reporter it’s my duty to remember these things.  Don’t you think?

I even forgot my three older kids served for this very important
Mass. I would like to think I
would have told you all about IF I remembered my camera that morning. I was
lucky my sister had remembered hers. I mean after all. This is her kid. We were
lucky one of us was thinking that morning. 

The next thing I would have told you about. . .If I posted in May …was about Kathryn running with the Girls on the Run group. I would have told you how awesome the whole Girls on the Run  organization is and how happy I was we got involved with this club. Kathryn and her new friends trained for months together. The finial test was “the Swamp Rabbit 5k”. The girls, their moms and everyone else in the state ran this thing.  It was so wonderful. We had a great time.  I tell you there will be more of these for her.  

My last post for May probably would have mentioned the Peterson family moved; we said goodbye to our Stephanie,  baby Aubrey and Steph’s husband Brian.  If I posted this picture I think I would have wanted to say something like ~ WOW! They’re a good looking family. 


And just because It’s not May, it’s is July 4,  Independence Day. . . and most importantly to him,  it’s this guys birthday I have to say. . . 

Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!! 

The Hoverath  July 4th Baby.