Our Father‘s Brother,   Joseph J. Finnell Jr , has died today.

Growing up my Father and Uncle Joe were very close. . . like brothers should be. But, they were more then that. These two were best friends. 

 The loyalty of their relationship for both men lasted a life time.  

 As the two grew older and distance separated them the love the brothers had for each other  reached 1000 miles and grew in their children.  Even though my brothers, sisters and I didn’t know Uncle Joe very well the stories of their childhood together lived on in our father. Our father loved and admired his brother. We delighted in hearing the stories of years gone past of the two friends growing up in the city of Boston; selling papers at a very young age,  jumping on street cars for a free ride, dreaming on the deck of a yacht they could only sneak on and just simply running amok.                        

  I can only think as Uncle Joe’s daughter said ~  “The brothers are together again.” 

It is with a heavy heart we say, Rest in Peace Uncle Joe. We all have a great love for you. 

11 thoughts on “Uncle Joe

  1. My heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. Hold on to those memories and continue to pass them along. In doing so your father and uncle Joe will continue to live in your hearts and in the hearts of future generations.


  2. In the words of your cousin, Together again, is appropo.My Father had such a brother. Texas and California separated them. But I loved to sit and list to them talk. I was spellbound by what was their everyday adventures as farm boys growing up


  3. How amazing that the legacy of such amazing men lives on in you and your family. I could just imagine the friendship from the way you described these men and their boyhood adventures. Special memories to be cherished.


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