Okay, It’s time you knew. I have kept this secret long enough.  I have to come clean on this one.  You are my friends right? You won’t judge me to harshly.  

Will you???

I mean you put up with my bad spelling, my poor grammar and my rambling thoughts. So I thought I should just tell you.  

I have this son that’s, well. . . a little strange.  

He likes. . . lectures A LOT! He likes economics as much as he likes lectures. Strangely enough, he likes lectures and economics together. . . at the same time. 

Okay, yeah, there is more. 

He like lectures and economics enough to  win a scholarship to study economics in a lecture setting for. . . 12 hour days. . . for a week. 

I know! 

A  whole week. 7 days . . . 12 hours a day.

I have tried with this kid, I really have. But, he thrives on lectures and economics. . .at the same time.  He tells me, “because I have home schooled him he knows how to think. . .for himself.” 

 “Wait a minute!” “I did that?” Huuu???

So here we are, I have an economist in the house. Not just any economist, we have an Austrian Economist.  Most particularly, I am talking a Ludwig von Mises Institute school of economics economist. AND that’s a mouth full! 

I am telling you, Matthew studies and studies and studies this thing. He reads books that are bigger then. . .I don’t know. . .a dictionary about this stuff.  He really finds it all very interesting. 

He fills me up with the things he has learned. I listen and think. . .could he be right? Does he really know what he’s talking about? and then I hear the things he says on the news about: the way things are going in this great country of ours and what needs to be done and why our government won’t do them.  

It’s quite overwhelming. 

And I think. . . well, maybe an Economist in the house is not so bad. There are days I get to call him “my son sunshine” because of the gloominess of his tone. “My Son Sunshine” tells me all about why the FED is bad and what really needs to be done in our government. . .to make things work again for all of us and why our government won’t do them. 

And, sometimes I just have to say to him. . .


“I can’t take it anymore!” I know! Doom and Gloom. The FED is bad. . . Our government is corrupt, Congress violates the Constitution with nearly every new bill they enact.   We all get it! ” 

 Ron Paul rules! “

and then I’ll lovingly say: 

“Matthew tell me this?  
Why did you have to learn so much about the constitution?” 
“Why didn’t you just pretend to read it like the other kids do?” 

So,  my oldest son, Matthew, the son I home schooled for nine years, won a scholarship to the  Ludwig von Mises Institute at Auburn University with an essay that he wrote. The scholarship paid for everything from his food, to his room and board,  to the lecture classes that was all about economics. All Matthew had to do was get to Atlanta Georgia the very same weekend Mark got out of the hospital. 

His bag were packed and Matthew and I  drove the 176 miles to the Atlanta Airport. 

We talked about how very nerves he was about going to a place where he didn’t know a soul. We talked about how proud his father and I are of him for doing this all on his own.  We talked about how excited he was to meet his idols and learn more about this subject that he loved. . . and maybe, just maybe Ron Paul would be there. 

Matthew went to Auburn and the school of economics with the hopes and dreams that only a 19 year old could. He learned, and he studied , and he studied and he learned. He called  me three times a day to share the things he had learned and to tell me how excited he was to be there. He told me who he had met and how brilliant the “average” person was  at the institute that week. Matthew talked about what was said and what he already knew to be true. He talked about his hopes for the future. . .if only the government of today would listen.  .  . and stop thinking about. . .well, themselves and who’s pockets they are in. 


When Matthew came home, he was not only a week older and wiser,  he was “intoxicated” from the all the knowledge that was swimming around in his head. He was tired from the long week of lectures and note taking. He was full from his week of listening to arguments and debates from the people he had only read about and admired from afar.   For weeks now, Matthew has been filling us up with von Mises  ideas for the world and the things he wants to become. He told me how he wants to fight for what is right. . .and how he can’t wait to go back to “the Institute” next year and learn and study and listen for a week  and those 12 hour days   of more studying, learning and growing. AND just maybe just maybe Ron Paul will be there. 


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

Benjamin Franklin 

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14 thoughts on “the Economist in my house

  1. Wow – homeschooling huh? I think you can stop being hard on yourself about your writing and spelling! You did a fantabulous job!!!!!!!!! Your son is a wonderful young man and you should be so proud(I know you are). Since I'm new here, just caught up on your nephew Joe (thanks for visiting my blog sweet friend and guiding me back to the breadcrumbs) – the most amazing reunion ever. I laugh when people say God doesn't do miracles any more, not after parting the Red Sea HA! wanna bet? Amazing story, and I'm cheering your sister on from over here! I feel that amazing things are in store for her – I'm so excited about her new place -great color choice 😉 It may not feel that way right now, but she's a lucky gal…a fresh beginning is a wonderful thing with lots of surprises. Whatever her wish for herself is, it's gonna be way bigger than that. just sayin'….much love to you and your family – I feel like I know them and am honored to be in such company. What an example of love, strength and hope – thanks for sharing and I look forward to more adventure.


  2. How wonderful to have a child so intense on learning, especially a young man. The problem with our government is there is no coming together of great minds, because it is "my way or the highway" top to bottom.Compromise is a very naughty word.


  3. Wow – what an amazing post – congrats to your son, and to you on your homeschooling success! I'm in the midst of homeschooling 4, and it's always so inspiring to read stories of successes (especially on days when I wonder if I am doing the right thing). Sounds like your son may well be on his way to changing the world!


  4. That is so fabulous! What a remarkable young man you have there! You have every right to be very proud of him and I'm sure he'll go far, with that intense drive and curiosity.{The political scientist in me can't refrain from inserting one little point: he should buffer his economics courses with political science ones to see why you can't rely on "rationality". But of course, I'm sure he's well familiar by now with Mancur Olson and problems of collective action. And with that, I'll end my soapbox!)


  5. Wow! That is awesome! Congratulations Mom! And I mean that. I was a HS Mom for my kiddos for several years, and it's as much an accomplishment for you as for him. What an awesome opportunity!!!


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