~ Just ~

I have come to realize I haven’t posted any pictures of my oldest daughter lately. 

This is not because I don’t Just adore this oldest daughter of mine. I haven’t posted about her because well. . . simply. . .It’s not easy getting this daughters photograph.  Every time I whip out my camera, she turns her back, puts her head down,  or she walks away. 

And that leaves my photos blurry or worse ~ I am left without even one good picture of her. 

So today, I realized it has been awhile since I have posted about this beautiful daughter of mine.  This daughter that’s JUST perfect for me.  This daughter that’s strong willed and wonderfully funny. This daughter that challenges me and drives me to be  a better mother . . .  To be a better woman. . . everyday. She makes me rise to the occasion . . .what ever that may be and be her mother.  

In this picture I can see a girl blossoming into a young woman. She is growing up beautifully right before my very eyes.  I am thrilled to be able to say, I have been with her every moment of her life. This daughter of mine. . . that I JUST simply adore. 


ABC Wednesday
Black and White Wednesday with like Christmas every day

Between the Sunbeams

Come a little closer and look between the sunbeam and the two bears ~ you can see a joyful face. 

You know who that is. . . that’s May Ree Lizzy Beth. . .the girl with many names. For her birthday,  that was in July. . . the birthday I didn’t have a chance to post about. . .the fifth birthday. . .remember?  She was given two bears: One from Me. . .the light one. . .and one from “the Best Nana Ever” . . . the dark one. 

Guess which bear she kept. 
You got it!  

 ~ The Dark One ~ 

and My Spirit Thrives

On this Fabulous Friday I am redefining the finer things in life while I embrace every moment in the Studio of my Life. . . As I embrace the beautiful gift I received in the mail a few weeks ago. 

It is a painting by one of my dear blogging friends,   Robin,  from Well of Creations. It’s an original ~ Signed and everything!  The inscription on the painting says,   

“With God, My Spirit Thrives. ” Psalm 31:5

 Robin sent me this painting because. . . well. . .  I really, really liked it. She read between the lines and just knew I needed a little lift. . .and you know what?  This did the trick! This adorable painting lifts my spirit and I can feel it thrive more then I can tell you.  I smile every time I see the painting and read the words written on it. This gift is just perfect for me.   With all my heart I thank you Robin. ~ Your the best!  


Favorite Photo Friday

 In the Studio

Her Hollow Leg

I have come to think of Fridays as a day off for me. A day I take a step back, a step away from our busy school week and rest.  . . well. . . kind of. 

Friday mornings Liz and I drive Kathryn and Stephen to Spartanburg,  a good 50 minutes  from our house to a class. . . a Biology class.  Biology is something I am NOT capable of teaching in this home school life of mine. 

I thank God every Friday all our high school sciences are taught by Dr. Bennett. Who is a college professor at one of the local colleges. He teaches home schooled kids science at a college level. . . every Friday. And I, their teacher, four days a week,  leave two of my babies at this class knowing they are in the best of hand. And most importantly, their high school future looks brighter because of Dr. Bennett.  

Did I say, Thank GOD! I don’t have to teach Biology??? 

Let me hear a Hallelujah! 

Thank You! 


So anyway, My little friend and I drop these guys off for the whole day and we go out to play, get some running around done and do a little school work. 

Our first stop for the day is always, without a doubt, Panera Bread.  My girl likes the cinnamon rolls there. I get a coffee and an apple and we sit and talk, work on her school stuff  and just spend time together not rushing.  

But, here is the funny thing: 

This girl must have a hollow leg. 

Because she eats. . .

the whole DARN thing! 


Black and White Wednesday with like Christmas every day

Wordless Wednesday but with Words

I is for . . .

In remembrance of September 11th my sister and I wanted to do just a little something, in our own way, to remember that dark, dark day . . . to honor the dead. . .to honor the living. . .to Remember. 

Since she is a runner ~ you can tell because of the hat ~ she suggested we run 9.11 miles. . . and because I am a glutton for punishment I said,Okay!”

. . .So we did. . .

We ran, we laughed,  we talked and we remembered. . .9.11 miles


The Home School Journey

I have home-schooled our children for 10 years now. I even home-schooled our oldest son all the way to college. When you home-school you never know what the day will bring. There are so many things going on in a life the day could change in an instant.   

One thing you do as a home-school family is study.  

And, boy do you study many, many things. Through the years my kids and I have studied: IchthyologyTheology, Economics, all the maths, Nato, English for 10 years now, American Literature, World Literature and the list just goes on and on and on.                     

~ But ~ 

Do you want to know what my favorite subject to study in school is? 

 ~ reading ~ 

This year my girl has started 5K. Now that she knows all her letters and their sounds  ~ it’s time to put them together to create words. Real words! and we couldn’t be more excited. The journey continues   

Just the two of us

The other day I was talking to my youngest;  we were talking about spending time together and how wonderful it was that it was just the two of us. . . alone at last . . .without. . .the other kids.

She told me she didn’t really see why she had to share me with everyone else and sometimes it was just hard for a girl like her. 

As we talked, I  could see her little heart filling with pure Joy and that it was dripping with Love.

She was eating up the attention I was giving her and I was thrilled with the attention she throwing my way. It felt good to be alone with this little daughter of mine. . .just the two of us.  She took a deep breath and sighed. I could tell whatever IT was  that was on her mind was big. I could see whatever it was that she was going to say next would be ever so loving. 

I was ready. 

In her sweetest most serious little voice she says ~ “Mommy, I just love . . .

“Nana.”      “She’s the Best”.  

and I smiled and laughed at myself. . . and then I said very seriously and lovingly …”Yes, my darling she is the best.” “She is the best Nana ever. 

Playing alone with:  Show off your Shot

Favorite Photo Friday

H is for. . .Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is “Stevie Wonder‘s” birthday. . . He will be 17.

He’s one of those kids that just makes heart sing. This son of mine truly is a pleasure. He would give the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it more then he did. He has always been this way, even when he was a very little guy.  Kind, Generous, the Helper. . .that’s my Stephen

~ May he never change. ~

As I think of the years gone by. . . I wonder. . .   Where has the time gone? How could 17 years come and go so fast?  How could he be 17? 

Weekly Kodochrome