The other day I was talking to my youngest;  we were talking about spending time together and how wonderful it was that it was just the two of us. . . alone at last . . .without. . .the other kids.

She told me she didn’t really see why she had to share me with everyone else and sometimes it was just hard for a girl like her. 

As we talked, I  could see her little heart filling with pure Joy and that it was dripping with Love.

She was eating up the attention I was giving her and I was thrilled with the attention she throwing my way. It felt good to be alone with this little daughter of mine. . .just the two of us.  She took a deep breath and sighed. I could tell whatever IT was  that was on her mind was big. I could see whatever it was that she was going to say next would be ever so loving. 

I was ready. 

In her sweetest most serious little voice she says ~ “Mommy, I just love . . .

“Nana.”      “She’s the Best”.  

and I smiled and laughed at myself. . . and then I said very seriously and lovingly …”Yes, my darling she is the best.” “She is the best Nana ever. 

Playing alone with:  Show off your Shot

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