I have come to think of Fridays as a day off for me. A day I take a step back, a step away from our busy school week and rest.  . . well. . . kind of. 

Friday mornings Liz and I drive Kathryn and Stephen to Spartanburg,  a good 50 minutes  from our house to a class. . . a Biology class.  Biology is something I am NOT capable of teaching in this home school life of mine. 

I thank God every Friday all our high school sciences are taught by Dr. Bennett. Who is a college professor at one of the local colleges. He teaches home schooled kids science at a college level. . . every Friday. And I, their teacher, four days a week,  leave two of my babies at this class knowing they are in the best of hand. And most importantly, their high school future looks brighter because of Dr. Bennett.  

Did I say, Thank GOD! I don’t have to teach Biology??? 

Let me hear a Hallelujah! 

Thank You! 


So anyway, My little friend and I drop these guys off for the whole day and we go out to play, get some running around done and do a little school work. 

Our first stop for the day is always, without a doubt, Panera Bread.  My girl likes the cinnamon rolls there. I get a coffee and an apple and we sit and talk, work on her school stuff  and just spend time together not rushing.  

But, here is the funny thing: 

This girl must have a hollow leg. 

Because she eats. . .

the whole DARN thing! 


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