I have come to realize I haven’t posted any pictures of my oldest daughter lately. 

This is not because I don’t Just adore this oldest daughter of mine. I haven’t posted about her because well. . . simply. . .It’s not easy getting this daughters photograph.  Every time I whip out my camera, she turns her back, puts her head down,  or she walks away. 

And that leaves my photos blurry or worse ~ I am left without even one good picture of her. 

So today, I realized it has been awhile since I have posted about this beautiful daughter of mine.  This daughter that’s JUST perfect for me.  This daughter that’s strong willed and wonderfully funny. This daughter that challenges me and drives me to be  a better mother . . .  To be a better woman. . . everyday. She makes me rise to the occasion . . .what ever that may be and be her mother.  

In this picture I can see a girl blossoming into a young woman. She is growing up beautifully right before my very eyes.  I am thrilled to be able to say, I have been with her every moment of her life. This daughter of mine. . . that I JUST simply adore. 


ABC Wednesday
Black and White Wednesday with like Christmas every day

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