Our mother has always said, ” Bill  was born with a hammer in his hand.”  He has always had a love for building.  Because of our father’s construction business this natural talent Bill showed could be nurtured. As the years past it came to be ~ our father would design and our brother’s would build his creations.  George worked on everything electrical and Bill would handle the building and craft work. 

As Bill grow older he truly became our father’s hands. 

It has come to pass in this bitter sweet moment of time our father’s last creation is being made reality now that Bill has decided to remodel his own home. . .


ABC Wednesday

18 thoughts on “Our Father’s Hands

  1. I know how tough we all are in this family, and I for one can't wait until his project is finished, it will be just the way Linda and Dad said it would be. He would LOVE to know Bill is working so hard, and soon George will be too. He did so much in his life, from baking bread to sending men to the moon, this addition will just top things off.


  2. Nothing better than a man with callused hands. A man who knows his way around a hammer and power tools is the perfect man in my book! I love how you captured strength and creativity together in this photo. Great job.


  3. Oh how I love a hardworking man. The calloused hands. Not afraid to get dirty. This will be a beautiful thing. I can wait for you to share the finished project.


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