Even when I catch her being naughty and doing things she shouldn’t do:

Like when she slips outside, without anyone noticing,  to dance and celebrate in the pouring rain. 

I can’t help but see how this 5 year old child embraces life and I have to say. . .  “Hold it Missy!!! I need to get one more picture and then you have to come in and take a warm bath.” 

The way this little girl see beauty in everything. . .  just tickles me pink. 

8 thoughts on “Tickled Pink

  1. Perfect description and perfect photo. I remember when I was a little girl, everytime we had a summer rain, I would go out in my bathing suit to play and dance in the rain! Fun memories!


  2. Mary finds pleasure in everything, she is one happy little girl, thanks to you and Mark. PS why should she be punished for being out in the rain??? Her Grandfather did some of his best gardening and swimming in the rain.She truly is my joy!


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