If this blog is anything, it is NOT a political blog. I have never once mentioned my point of  view  here.  Today, I have to tell you. . . This morning I was listening to NPR. They were doing a story about Occupy Wall Street . The spokes man on the news talked about this great Occupy cause. I listened with empathy and interest.  While I listened,  I thought Yes! Yes! Yes! Insurance companies and Banks are taking over the world. It’s about time someone spoke up and did something.  

When it comes to politics, I have become one of the cynical ones. I feel, the reason gas is so high is the oil companies have some Washington big wig in his or her pocket. It seems to me everyone involved is making a lot money. So way lower the prices?  We’ll pay. My cynicism has gotten so bad, I rarely listen to the news anymore. 

As I listened today, for the first time in awhile, the Occupy Wall Street spokes guy came on and told his story in a rally cry. As he spoke his words the crowd repeated word for word after their beloved spokesman of the day.  

~ The chants went like this ~ 

“I’m unemployed.” The crowd chants “I’m unemployed” “I can’t find a job” again the crowd chants “I can’t find a job” in my mind I think “Yeah! Yeah! You tell’em! It’s tough out here! I know so many people looking for work, people without insurance, fighting to keep their home! You Go Guy!”  The guy goes on to say “I live with my parents.” the crowd cries “I live with my parents.” and in my mind I think ~ “Wow! that’s tough…” and I wait for the rest… the guy goes on to say “and I’m 25” I think huuuu??? the crowd chants… “and I’m 25!”. The chant ended there. . . in my mind I hear the scratching of an old record player coming to a halt and I think ~ 

THAT’S IT???  

 . . .THAT’S IT??? 



??? WHAT??? 

Why don’t they have the uninsured construction worker guy who’s wife is sick with cancer chanting that rally cry? Why don’t they have the single waitress mom who’s trying to raise her children alone speak for america? How about the man with two part time jobs, with a chronic illness, struggling to keep his family together and keep the family home?

Oh! Yeah! those guys have real problems and need to keep going so they don’t fall over from exhaustion. They can’t take time to occupy wall street. 

and I think . . . GEEEEEE! 

THAT WAS THE BEST GUY THEY COULD GET??? a guy that’s 25 who lives with his parents? 

“Hey! Occupy Wall Street guys! I’m sure you have a great cause and all but, I don’t get it. I know I told you I don’t follow the news. . . but I have to say What’s your cause ???  Maybe you should get a leader for crying out loud! Then get someone to speak for you with a real hardship story. Get someone that has been through something. Not a 25 year old who lives with his parents. Get someone with kids to do those chants! Find someone that has really been through it. Maybe someone that has to worry about how they are going to feed their family, keep their home or just take care of simple medical needs.” You won’t even have to look hard. We are out here.  

I also want to tell that guy that lives with his parents. Go home! Clean your room! Do the dishes in the sink while your at it. Stay off facebook and find someone you can help!.” Stop wasting tax payer money on your silly issues.  Your mother would appreciate it. 

6 thoughts on “"Hey! Occupy Wall Street guys!

  1. Lisa, I'm with you, I rarely watch the news, & when I do I find my self just yelling at the tv. lol!My complaint is when the young kids are complaining because their student loans are maxed out & can't get a job…bohoo, cry me a river…like you said there are so many trubled americans in such "worse" shape…where are they through all of this, lost I suppose. It's sad..so I just turn off the TV!Love your pictures though, very ironic!xoxo


  2. Ditto on the political opinion thing……but….when it comes to Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, etc., I can't help myself. I understand why people are so upset, but at the same time these people are complaining about big business and corporate greed, all the while communicating with each other on their IPhones, IPads and computers..made by…um, you guessed it…. big business. What is this, 1968?? Do they really think that this 5th grade camp out is going to make things better?? All it's doing is making people mad. I can't wait to see how strong their "cause" holds together during the first blizzard of the season. This movement..and I use the term loosely, are camped out in an otherwise well maintained area of the city, an area that will require extensive reconstruction at considerable cost to the taxpayers once they pull up their tent stakes and move onto their next ridiculous cause. LOL Sorry, you must have hit a nerve and I'm rambling. AM:)


  3. Sweetie! I am right there with you, I watch so little news anymore, I sometimes miss important stuff.Occupy has become such a hot button topic that if you put 99% or the word occupy in your fb status you immediately have drawn a line in the sand.I don't get it either. So you are unemployed, so you have no prospects, so you live with your parents. . . AND? Big business and big corporations while greedy have provided jobs for thousands upon thousands of people. You can't ask a homeless man to give you a job . .. cause duh? HE HAS NO MONEY TO HIRE YOU.If you actually think the government creates jobs, then you are as naive as you are young. The only thing the government can do is take from Peter to pay Paul!BTW: B&W Wednesdays stay open until Friday (sometimes Saturday morning) so link up any time. LOL! I can't always get me stuff together either, so why limit it to just one day! Thanks for the great comment, and the band is Hanson.


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