I’m beginning to wonder if my obsession desire to learn as much as I can about photography and taking a decent photograph is over whelming slightly bothering one of my favorite models. 

It has come to my attention ~ when I ask her to simply act natural and smile I’m getting a lot of strange faces.  

 I may be over thinking this thing, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of poses like these. 

A few weeks ago, when I asked her to smile like she always does. . . she did this

and said, “I don’t remember how.”

In my frustration, I want to say Just smile DARN IT! and Be Happy while your at it!” but, that never seems to work. 

 All this got me thinking. . . Could it be ME???  Could I be the problem???  So, I put my camera away for a few days. . .  I thought of how I really had to change the way I’m approaching this photography thing and just relax a little. Because maybe it’s me and not my subjects.      So I took a good look and wondered . . .

Could possibly be making her nerves??? 

When I pulled my camera back out . . .  I came up with this photo.   realized we were having fun and I wasn’t making a big deal out her perfect smile, she was just doing it. 

Now if I can just remember this,  maybe, just maybe,  I won’t have to find a good therapist to reverse all the damage I have caused by saying “SMILE” ~ “No! not like that!” 
“Be Normal ~ Just smile darn it!”


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12 thoughts on “just Smile darn it!

  1. Oh my goodness! I do that with my son! One time, he actually ended up in tears saying, "I don't know how to smile!" I try to get him to think of things that would normally make him smile, but he says his brain doesn't work that way! It's so frustrating!! I guess the trick is to not try "posed" shots?!


  2. Lately I have gotten into the habbit of asking my daughter to smile. She says no everytime ( no being her favorite new word, she is 20 months). So I guess I should just stop asking too! That last shot is priceless.


  3. Oh, you nailed it with that last one! Darling. And yes, absolutely the best way to get a kid to freeze up is to ask them to smile! I think they really do forget how their moths work! Thank you for linking up!


  4. Lovely series of "smiles" from a beautiful child.My Mother used to tell me the same thing, but it is something I taught myself. I am not an unhappy person, but I had missing eye teeth and perceived my smile not pretty. Interestingly, missing eye teeth are heriditary and led in my senior years to positive identification of my biological family when I began to search for them.


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