Some of us have finished with all our Christmas shopping.  
and then again, some of us haven’t even started. 

Some of us are still trying to figure out Bokeh for crying out loud! and then again, some of us can’t even remember how to spell bokah bokeh.    How can I go shopping when there is bokeh to learn?                   

Do you want to know what I have done?   

I cheated on the Bokeh. . . I did! Shhhhhh don’t say anything.        Now that I’m finally done with Bokeh. . . I can think about something else. Like, what in the heck am I going to get my kids for Christmas?     Did you know there are only like 7 days left?  

Did you hear me???      7 DAYS!!! 

In the Studio


11 thoughts on “Cheating on the Bokeh

  1. Love the title! I just this week googled "Bokeh" to find out what it meant! I knew when I saw the word that I liked what ever photo was associated with it…AND!!! I have learned how to make it!!! Blessings on your Christmas shopping – praying peace and joy for your work ahead!


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