Bokeh or no Bokeh 

Okay, I know what your thinking. . . The kid on the left is blurry. 

I’m not even sure if this is Bokeh or not. But, my lights come out fuzzy and soft, and isn’t that the look we are trying to achieve with Bokeh? If you just look at my oldest girl and the lights behind her, this photo isn’t that bad really.  AND that kid on the left. . .wouldn’t sit still. She actually thinks this whole Bokeh thing is all about fun and games.  She doesn’t understand how serous the Bokeh is.  

What do expect. . . she’s 5.

This morning, Cindy from  12 Tribes  was nice enough to send me links that helped her learn Bokeh. I’ll  give it another try later. . .when I have some time.  Or maybe I should just do it now.  However, I must tell you something ~ I think this Bokea thing is driving me a little crazy! and there are only 5 days left until Christmas.    

                                                                       5 DAYS!!!          

                                                                  Our World Tuesday ,
                                                                         My 3 Boybarians

2 thoughts on “this Bokeh thing

  1. I do think those Christmas lights look good! I'm impressed – and I like the "in motion" look of that girl on the left! What a precious capture of the way it is when you are 5! I'll be looking for your next attempts!


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