Kathryn and Stephen are on their way to Washington D.C.  this morning to the  March for Life rally with a bus load of kids, some parents  and their very amazing youth group leader. 

 I realize my two are going on this trip for many reasons: they want to be with their friends, they want the adventure,  they want to have a good time, and last but not least, they want to stand up for life.  

Little do they know things will not be that simple. Little to they know they are on their way to learn a life time of lessons this weekend.  I admire that they have the guts to not only stand up for what matters in this crazy world of ours, they are fine examples of what our future holds.  

I think – What a privilege it is to be called their mother. 

Unknown Mami

11 thoughts on “Lessons of a Life Time

  1. Thanks for making me laugh! Love your humor, and I'm a new follower because of it. Oh and -whispering- thanks for tipping me off about the snake. My goodness, he's still here. I think I'll be going now…off to contact the good folks at Rodent Control. Is there such a thing? Yikes. What to do?xoRobyn


  2. Oh Wow. That picture of Kathryn!!!! She looks just like someone else I know! In fact, this person could of spit her out of her own mouth! Wait. I think she did! Nice work guys.


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