Georgie Porgie

 Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry; When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away. ~ Mother Goose

 This is George. He is my brother George’s oldest son. George is one of those people that will leave a soft place in your heart if you give him a chance. He is quite, doesn’t give his opinion unless he is asked and is reserved. If you look at him the first thing you would say is:  “He needs a hair cut.”   We have heard this over and over again about George.  Just recently we all learned ~ George grows his hair long for a reason. He donates his thick, beautiful hair to Locks of Love. . . and he never says a word about it.      To me it’s powerful that he just takes the looks and comments: and never says a word about how he shares and cares for other in the best way he can.    So here he is ~ taking it all in. . . and most importantly ~  Giving. 

Celebrations & Memories

 Friday, February 17,  we celebrated our Father’s life with a Mass in his memory

Even though he is no longer with us there was much to celebrate on that fine day that was his birthday. You see, everywhere we go there is a little piece of the Wonderful Willy we use to know.                                                     AND that touches us more then we could ever say.  

I took this picture last summer. It’s the cross on top of Boston College High School that he and several other boys had a hand in making many, many years ago. Rumor has it, his name, along with the others,  is engraved on the back of this beautiful cross that reaches towards Heaven.  It seems appropriated to me to share this with you today as we celebrate the memory and life of a father and man  we all so dearly love. 

Until Next time. . .