Here in the Carolinas the weather has been great! 
Liz by Alida5477
The daffodils are in full bloom.   

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19 thoughts on “Sweet Carolina weather

  1. Your daffodils are blooming already? Wow! Ours don't usually bloom til late March or April, but we've had a very mild winter here, so maybe they'll bloom earlier.Gorgeous picture!


  2. Aww Lisa, it's not that I am clever, I am so fed up of this harsh winter I had to do something to brighten up the kids and my day!!! I would give anything to have daffodils and tulips blooming right now!!! Your little girl is just so pretty…:D I am waiting for some more pics of spring flowers from you my friend!!


  3. Ahhh! I see that you have this adorable little sweetie in the daffodils! Such a lovely picture !!! Amazing to home school 4 children. You deserve a medal!! What a very nice blog….. isn't it fun??!!


  4. I love the pop of color the daffodils provide and how the focus brings your eye to the darling subject. Thank you for sharing Lisa and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!


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