Because it is cold. . .  in Germany
To May by LisaAlida5477
and my friend May has made ornaments out of icicles ~ Liz and I  thought we should send a little Carolina sunshine her way.           

Until Next time. . .  


13 thoughts on “For May

  1. Thank you, Thank you so much!!!!!! You both made my day……:DI am stuck here in my bedroom huddled up like old mother hubbard wondering how to beat these winter blues!!! Am actually debating whether to step out in the biting cold and cheer myself up..Thank you Lisa and your little one with all my heart…..:-)


  2. Awwwww, what a sweet pictures givin' us all the hope of spring to come.Woohoo, ya just made this Ozark Farm Chicks day!!!God bless and have a fabulous day!!! :o)


  3. Love this….how sweet!! Also, thanks Lisa for your words of wisdom and cheer. It sounds like your son is growing into a wonderful man. I hope I can make it through and find myself just like you in 17 years. Thanks!Tiffany


  4. What a precious picture, and I love the yellow flowers against the black and white. I have tried this a couple of times, but my products are nearly as nice as yours. genie


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