When he first asked me if I wanted to travel to Rock Hill, S.C. last week ( a two hour car ride away)  to hear his girlfriend, Micaela, sing in a state wide choral group . . . and ” Oh by the way Mom” . . .”even though her parents would be there”, the fair maiden “Micaela would be traveling back home with us”  . . . “would you mind,  would you please go?   He didn’t want to travel all that way by himself.            My first thought was “Ugggg!”  But, I didn’t say that. Instead I said, “of course I’ll go with you.”   Honestly, I dreaded it all week and had secretly hoped something would come up so we couldn’t go.  There were so many things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend. . . and this would take all day. 

The only thing that kept me from dropping out were these thoughts:  “my 19 year old son had asked me to travel 2 hours with him – we would be alone: No phones, No other kids, No interruptions . . . just the two of us. . . for two hours.  That doesn’t happen very often around here. And then there was this reality: He is 19.  These times are not going to come around very often. He will be traveling off to college soon to full fill his dreams and these days will just be  memories for both of us. 

So, off we went to hear the State wide choral group and even though the kids were unbelievably fantastic and Micaela is a doll ~ my favorite part of the day was the car ride and the two hours up to Rock Hill alone with my oldest son.


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12 thoughts on “My favorite part of the Day

  1. What a special time to spend with your son! I love the timeless feel of the black and white. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!


  2. Aww Lisa, you are such a wonderful Mom!!! My son's 11 and I always feel that he grew up way too soon..:-( What will I feel when he is 19??


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