Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me. Audrey Hepburn  

It’s Kathryn’s birthday week. 

She is 15. 


I’m not sure who has been more excited this week. . . the birthday girl or her little sister. 

So, when looking at the pictures of our birthday celebration . . . know this: I couldn’t decide which picture I liked the best, the picture in the middle is unedited and most importantly. . .whatever you do. . . DON’T look at the cake. Just know: the cake was creamy, it was home made, I never use a box, and most importantly it was chocolate. 

Until Next time. . .  



21 thoughts on “A birthday, a few pictures and a creamy cake

  1. Drats!!! Anne, I knew you see! Yes! there was a earthquake. I tried to save the cake but couldn't. Or I tried to rush things. I put the cakes together and frosted when it was WAY to hot! while we were eating dinner the top layer slid off in pieces. It was delicious though!!! LOL!!!!!! Love!


  2. I think little sis is more excited and I was just thinking how AWESOME that cake looked – – – ANYONE can have a traditional looking cake, it takes real imagination and SKILL to create one like THAT.


  3. Nothing in that picture could ever be a disaster, it is great and I can't believe you really put that on after it fell on the floor. Y"all really love chocolate. I loved it, the girls are truly beautiful.


  4. Love the un-edited middle picture the best. Chocolate is yummy, whether lumpy little turds (ahem, truffles) or majestic cakes. I simply don't get yellow cake at all (it's ok, but if you're going to do cake – then just make it chocolate!).


  5. Lisa,A very Happy Birthday to your beautiful lady!! I couldn't help but notice the excitement on your little ones's face all the while thinking that Wow!! Lisa's baked a very unique cake. I must ask her what is it? Reading your post further on and then the comments, the secret was out..lol!!!


  6. Such a wonderful contribution to the meme this week. The pictures are beautiful, and the girls so happy and pretty. i know you all had a wonderful day. Bet that cake was yummy. genie


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