Today is the last day of debate club for the year 2012. 
The debate forum this year has been: “Should the United States Government change it’s policies toward the criminal justice system?” The answer is yes! but “the how” this change is to take place is left up to each team.  My job as a debate club parent is to listen to two teams argue their cases ((one team for change and the other team against that change))  I then decide who was the best team and which team had the best case.  I am also required to give helpful suggestions of how each team should and could improve their cases.  I then decide a winner and tell them how and why they won and lost. 

Do you know how very hard this is to do when you realize ~ the kids you are judging and are suppose to be helping, are way smarter then you? Let me tell you. . . it’s hard.  It’s really hard. 

So what do I do???

I put my thinking cap on and I fake it.  I pretend I know exactly what these teams are talking about and when we are done listening to the cases – I tell the teams how I think they could be improved . . . the kids thank me and tell me how helpful I have been to them. . . and I think. . . Yay!!! I fooled them again. 

As I said before, today is the last day of debate club for the year of 2012 . . . Today, again,  I will be judging and faking it the whole time – and when we are done – the teams will thank me and tell me how very helpful I have been.  They will tell me how they really like it when I judge their cases because I give them helpful advice. They will tell me I seem to really listen and am always fair.  .  . and I will think MMMMM  maybe these kids aren’t so bright. . . I mean after all,  I fooled them again this year. 

Until Next time. . .  



7 thoughts on “The Last Day. . .

  1. You are to hard on yourself, you are very fair and a wonderful teacher. Now if you can just get the justice appeal into this family and allow Mary E. to have really long hair….


  2. Sounds like your my kinda gal who thinks outside the box, your students are blessed to have ya!I taught Special Ed., we lived outside that box. Heeehehehe!God bless ya and have a blissful day!!! :o)


  3. I was on the high school's debate team when I was a senior with another female. We definitely were the weakest team of 6 teams. Our question was to argue for or against free trade. My teammate and I were more interested in drama, music and art.


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