Way older!

 Did you know that next week my oldest son will be way older then I am?

Way Older then I am! 

WOW! How did that happen?  It’s hard to believe time has gone by so fast. . . 

He tells me he wants to earn a Doctorate in philosophy  from a Catholic College.       In a couple of weeks he will have four wisdom teeth removed. All this makes me wonder if one can major in phylosphy without wisdom. . .  teeth.



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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom from an Alpaca. . .and Voltaire 

“One always speaks badly when one has nothing to say” ~ Voltaire


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Just Because

 For some reason when I look at this photo it reminds me of  The Great Gatsby.

Maybe it’s her haircut, her short skirt or maybe the exotic animal that give me the Gatsby feel. I don’t know. I just look at this picture and think F. Scott Fitzgerld. MMMM maybe it’s time for another break from all this schooling we are doing. 

Happy Weekend Y’all!!! 


Playing along with NiHoaY’all and the Sunday photo challenge: I took this shot with my camera set on natural with Fuji S1000.  I only cropped this photo and didn’t change anything else about the lighting.  

Ni Hao Yall


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Me and my Little Boy. . .Embracing the Camera

I took these picture months ago. MONTHS AGO!!! way back in February right before Stephen went on one of the many retreats he has gone on. The kid loves retreats!   We had so much fun taking these pictures because I kept cutting off his head. We just couldn’t get right. 
That’s what he gets for being so tall. . .right???

Anyway, I have been following this blog  anderson crew  mamma of 6 small children. Her Thursday meme idea is to embrace the camera: to get in the photos with your kids, husband, mom, friends, whoever. Like a lot of us, this is hard for me to do. I like to be the one on the other end clicking away, making everyone else uncomfortable. 
 Stephen is the most easy going kid you would ever want to meet and I knew he wouldn’t mind playing along. Without any make up I grabbed Stephen before we left for our early morning road trip to the camp and we started taking pictures.  Then, I held on to those pictures for months because I thought: “what was I thinking???” ” I don’t have on any make up and who in there right mind would post pictures of themselves looking like that? Plus, my nose looks huge!” HuGe!!!  and then Stephen was looking at my blog on day and asked why I didn’t post those photos.  He said. . .

Put them up mom. You look great and it was fun. 

So here they are: The picture I took of me and my little boy. . .Stevie Wonder. . .embracing the camera. 

She HAD a loose tooth

I know! I’ve been very sporadic with the blog lately. Very sporadic!  It’s that time of year when the kids have research papers due. Everyone needs a computer sooner then later and that means I must wait.  But, I’m not here to tell y’all how busy we have been. I’m here to tell you more big news from my youngest:

 She had her first loose tooth today. 
Yeah! You read that right! I said she had her first loose tooth today. 
She showed me with great excitement how her “little baby tooth on the bottom of her mouth was a little bit wiggly”  and then she said she would be right back. When I went to look for her, I found she had pulled the darn thing right out of her mouth. ugggg!  I laughed and cringed at the same time. . . and thought Wow! This girl is tough!  WAY!!! Tougher then she should be! 

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Liz’s very BIG news!

 Liz has big news she wants to share with you. 

!!BIG NEWS!!! 

Are you ready??? 

Drum roll Please!! 
She can tie her own shoes. . .
without help. 
She wants all my bloggy friends to know.  
Until Next time. . .