I have been reading this book of photography that talks about light. The book says the human eye naturally looks towards the part of a picture that has the most light.  
Well, this makes sense to me. 
So yesterday when I was picking flowers in front of my house, Liz put them in her bike basket.  The bike just happened to be in a lot of sunlight and looked so pretty sitting there. Like any good blogger/photographer wanna be, I grabbed my camera and took several shots of this pretty little scene.   
But! here’s the thing!!! 
I can’t tell if these pictures are any good or not because SOMEONE . . .by that I mean my teenage kids . . sneak on the computer late at night . . . They turn the computer light way down so their dad and I can’t see they are up.  

You know, it’s not that I mind the sneaking so much. I kind of expect that. . .the thing I mind is they don’t seem to be smart enough to turn the computer light back to a normal light.  
~ Then we might never know. ~ 
 AND The most frustrating part is: I don’t know how to adjust the light on the computer and they won’t show me. Because of course, they were never up turning down the light in the first place. 
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14 thoughts on “Sneaky Light

  1. LOL sounds like my house that is why we locked the computer w/passwords & if anyone wants to get one they have to tell someone to get on to put the password. That is an awesome pic thought 🙂


  2. Ooh, I love bikes and I think that is a Superb Shot! Be glad your kids are not quite devious enough to turn the light back up 🙂 (A google search should give you some easy-to-follow instructions for changing the light.)


  3. Ahhhhh… the beautiful flowers in the Barbie bike…. LOVE this!! Gorgeous captures, So glad you had your camera handy, & the processing is LOVELY!! REALLLLLY hope you join us for Finagle a Foto Soon.Btw, NICE music selection.


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