I think I told you last week that I am reading this book on photography and light. I told you I read how the human eye looks toward the brightest part of a picture. 

and we all agreed that was true. 

So the past few weeks I have been concentrating on light and the direction of the sun. Infact whenever I see that something is light up by the sun, I grab my camera and take a picture of it. 

This week I read you could minimize sun flares by cupping your hand  around the lens to shade the sun from flaring into your photograph.  But, most of the time I like the sun flares ~ so I leave them. 

 I also learned . . .when clouds roll in and 

  the sky turns dark in one area and bright in the other

 that is the time to point your camera to the things on the ground.  You just may discover birds have made a home in the your  front yard. 


Your flowers look great under a cloudy sky because there aren’t any shadows from the sun.

and if . . .

the sky gets really nasty –

 it may just be a great time to shot the sky it’s self.  


Playing along with Ni hao Y’all ~ all of these photos are unedited and taken with natural light on a Fujifilm S1000

11 thoughts on “Under a cloudy sky. . .

  1. Hi Lisa,It's been very long since I stopped by!!! Loved this post a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing what you are learning. Now i know why my flower shots never look good when captured under direct sunlight!! Have a great weekend!! And hugs to the kiddo's..:-)May.


  2. I use a lens hood, but Tamron's lens hood has a peculiar shape compared to other I have used.My favorite use of sunlight which is hard to catch is backlighted subjects especially in nature. Some of your photos have that technique. It is not always the best shot but I look for it.


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