What’s Colorado got?

What’s in the news this week. . . this month? 

James has left us for bigger bluer skies. He has moved to Colorado. Colorado Y’all! Colorado? What’s in Colorado that we don’t have? Sure they have all of James friends, mountains, blue skies and snow. Boy! do they have snow. . . and now Colorado has our James. 
So you know what happened?  

The Best Nana Ever threw a party.  We lived it up! We had a great time. We showered James with presents and sent him on his way.  I took loads of great pictures. I even up loaded them to my computer. 

Then something really terrible happened. It was even worse then James moving to Colorado. 

My computer crashed and I lost everything. I couldn’t play with my blogging friends, check email, edit pictures or do anything computerish. I know! How sad. . RIGHT?! I miss all those beautiful pictures I took at the party. . . 

Oh! Yeah. . . and I miss that kid James – that kid I watched grow up. 

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