The Heron

Mark and I have taken up hiking Sunday afternoons.  We beg the kids to come with us and set off to the North Carolina Mountains.
On one of our adventures last weekend we saw this Heron bathing himself in the marsh. Because when I grow up I want to be a highly skilled photographer; I snuck between the trees and snapped. 

 Then I blew it!  I was so excited I actually captured this photo – I squealed Ya!!!  and scared him away.  

~ Perfect Memories ~

My fondest, earliest memories are of the water. . . in the water. . . under the water.
with my eyes wide open . . . feeling the water move me

 while I glided through – weightless pretending to be a Mermaid.
Ni Hao Y’all


These photos were taken with a disposable water proof  Fuji camera ~ the day was partly cloudy to mostly sunny and perfect! ~ the first photo:  I added black and white –  I  then added a little of the  color back to the photo – the second and last photos are completely unedited

the Wand & the Hands that created it

Stevie Wonder’s it again.

He bought himself a lathe a few weeks ago: with a little carving here and there the things he is creating with it are simply. . . magical.  If your a Harry Potter fan you may recognize this wand. It’s Luna Lovegood’s.
This son of mine continue to amaze me as I mull over that age old Nature Nurture question. These things just seem to come naturally to him.  I think this gift he possess is in his blood.  
 In the Studio :: Unknown Mami Sunday’s in My City

Come and Gone

It’s Stevie Wonder’s Birthday today. 
GoingBackinTimeStephen.jpg Going Back in Time ~ Stephen
He is 18! 
I can’t help but think of that country song by Carrie Underwood. . .”18 years have come and gone. For Mama they flew by. But for me they drug on and on.”   Then I have to laugh at myself  because,  I know he would hate that I have a country song linked to a post that has anything to do with him.  But, what’s a Blogger-Momma to do when the words just fit?