all the Excitment

 I don’t know if you call tell – but someone is very excited about her new look.

 and. . . It’s not all about the beautiful cape the best Nana Ever found.

 Can you see?              Can you see what all the excitement is about???
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Fabulous Photo Friday
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Oh! Brother!

For brothers these two couldn’t be more different. . .
  To me, this photo tells so much about them.

One brother often reminding the other:  to enjoy life, let his hair down and just have a good time.  And, the other, often reminding his younger brother: to slow down,  to never forget to read the warning signs –  “they are there for a reason” he says and to always remember to prepare for tomorrow.

It is this mother’s wish that they always remain close friends and they never change. They are simply good together.

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New Life

The Best Nana ever is a great grandmother again. . .


Isabella Hope Lopez was born October 8th to Jennifer and Joe.  Don’t you just want to kiss her fat little face?

    Mother Teresa  puts it best. . .

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” 

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their Grandfather

I know there is a lot wrong with this picture, but, it IS my favorite photo of the week.  This simple snap shot is a photo of great love and admiration for a man they call Grandpa.  It was taken right after a memorial Mass marking the third anniversary of their grandfather’s death.

I think the greatest legacy their grandfather left behind is the time he gave to people. He would just sit and listen. Even though we often joke and say “he couldn’t hear what you were saying“; he sat there and freely gave his time and love when he had so many other things to do.

So last Sunday – September 30 – three years to the day he died, the grandchildren show their love and admiration once again, by giving there time back to the man who knew time is only temporary but love lasts forever.

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