let it Rain. . .

One day after a big rain I saw this little guy running through mud puddles in the park. Even though he’s not my kid I had to grab my camera and snap a few shots before he was found out.

and then much to my delight. . . I realized there were two of them! 

Let it Rain . . . Let it Rain! 
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the light in the night

I heart faces is having another contest this week. I almost totally missed this one. There are two objectives for this contest: one orange and the other a human face.

The orange speaks for it’s self. If you look at the photo you can see two men welding and then above those two men you can see faces. . . more men working.  This is a welcome sign of life around here; with so many people out of work – this light in the night means hope for so many . . .


Matthew is in Kansas this week. He is there to check out Benedictine College and the Philosophy department. I know, I can see your eyes rolling in the back of your head saying. . . PHILOSOPHY???  

Yes, Philosophy
He tells me: he wants a bachelors degree in philosophy, a masters in economics and then he will go for his doctorate.  When I ask him why he couldn’t turn this around and get the bachelors in economics  – He tells me:  you canNOT be a good economist without a solid understanding of philosophy first.  That is essential, he says.  He tell me: philosophy and economics go hand and hand and a solid understanding of philosophy will help him achieve his goals as an economist and as a professor. He tells me: the very reason we in such an economic mess is the leading economist in this country do not have a solid foundation in philosophy.     He tells me: he wants to change the world and make it a better place.
and I listen . . .and I tell him to follow your passion. Dream big baby, I say . . . change the world – make it a better place. We not only need you . . . we are waiting.
*** Secretly, I want to tell him to stay home in South Carolina. Go to a local college. I could meet him for lunch – dinner – whatever he wanted. . .  and to just let the world figure it out on it’s own. But, with dreams like this – How could I say any of those things?  I must tell him . . . Fly Baby, Fly.  .  .  
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