Matthew is in Kansas this week. He is there to check out Benedictine College and the Philosophy department. I know, I can see your eyes rolling in the back of your head saying. . . PHILOSOPHY???  

Yes, Philosophy
He tells me: he wants a bachelors degree in philosophy, a masters in economics and then he will go for his doctorate.  When I ask him why he couldn’t turn this around and get the bachelors in economics  – He tells me:  you canNOT be a good economist without a solid understanding of philosophy first.  That is essential, he says.  He tell me: philosophy and economics go hand and hand and a solid understanding of philosophy will help him achieve his goals as an economist and as a professor. He tells me: the very reason we in such an economic mess is the leading economist in this country do not have a solid foundation in philosophy.     He tells me: he wants to change the world and make it a better place.
and I listen . . .and I tell him to follow your passion. Dream big baby, I say . . . change the world – make it a better place. We not only need you . . . we are waiting.
*** Secretly, I want to tell him to stay home in South Carolina. Go to a local college. I could meet him for lunch – dinner – whatever he wanted. . .  and to just let the world figure it out on it’s own. But, with dreams like this – How could I say any of those things?  I must tell him . . . Fly Baby, Fly.  .  .  
~ Until Next Time ~

Our World Tuesday 

9 thoughts on “???Philosophy???

  1. Talk about philosophy end economics has my head spinning! My husband teaches both at a high school and I can't seem to grasp it. Ah well, we all have our own talents.Speaking of which, your picture of your son is G R E A T!


  2. I just couldn't depart your web site before suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often to check up on new posts


  3. Oh no encourage him to go. It is the most amazing life changing move. The world is such a big place, if he has any chance of ever changing it then he has to live it…breathe it… see it. He sounds like a very bright and passionate young man. I wish him all the luck in the world. Please do encourage him to go, set him free to explore his world and his mind and he will return to you a man I think.Mollyxxx


  4. Follow your dreams. Maybe he will be able to solve the mess we are in. We need him NOW. However, I did not see what happens when politics get mixed in. Or maybe I am already seeing what happens…….


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