I believe. . .

I believe in the goodness of people.

I believe in the Magic of Christmas.
 I believe in warm and loving conversations.
and yes! I believe in Santa Clause.

Merry Christmas Y’all! 

Love, Lisa

Day 7 – the View from . . .

If I were honest, I would honestly tell you this is was what I’m I was looking at right now when I started this post:

I am looking at my beautiful 15 year old daughter while she is studying for her Anatomy exam. Both Kathryn and Stephen take this class from Dr. Bennett.  Here is were I interrupt everything because, I  have to say . . . PRAISE GOD!!!  and then I will go on to tell you how I can’t teach science and how  I thank God for Dr. Bennett every time I see these kids working hard in this class. . .  and that is often.  This is one hard class!  then I have to say again firmly:

THANK GOD for Dr. Bennett!
So here is the thing – Through this past week we have established: I am a cheater. 

With the excepting of Mrs. Claus,  it seems to me that everyone is okay with cheating.  To tell you the truth. . . I’m not worried about Mrs. Claus’s husband Santa at all. . . I have a plain for that. It involves fudge. My sister, Lucy, says I’m the best fudge maker EVER!  In fact, I am feeling quite encouraged and confident Santa will like my fudge enough to leave me something VERY nice for Christmas.

Because this photo seems more Halloween-ish then Christmas-ish and I know we are all running around like crazy trying to get IT all done before the big day.  I am not going to post this photo. It seems to me we need something more calm and “peaceful” then a photo of a girl with a skull in her hands. 

Day 7 – the View from here Hunting Island. 

Remember when I told you yesterday the Best Nana took us to Fripp Island last week?  This view is from Hunting Island looking on to Fripp.

Now I ask you. . . Isn’t this a better view???

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Day 6 ~ Burst of Red

Day 6 and I have to say, WOW! I have done this! Okay,  mostly.  One day I cheated and only posted a photo on Facebook. . . a day late. . .  but, who’s counting?

Today’s entry is a burst of red.
If you know anything about the guy in this  photo – you would know he is bursting in this jump. This is BIG for him.  REALLY big!
and if you haven’t guessed. . . the Best Nana took us to the beach last week. We were all bursting.

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Someone I Love – Day 5

Day 5 ~ Someone that I love 
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This one was HARD for me. . . there are so many people in my life how I can I choose just one?  
 I did what I do best. . .  I cheated.  I decided to post a photo that’s not really the best photo but, the photo that makes me smile the most.  I also picked a photo that shows just some of the people in my life that truly makes my heart flutter.
I love this photo because of the way they are touching fists. They were talking about working together on something and everyone was excited.  I don’t remember what it was. I just happened to click and they just happened to look. . . all at the same time. 
Since I’m cheating anyway. . . I figured I would go all the way and enter this photo into Mrs. Clause’s photo contest. I do hope she will be a pal and not tell Santa what a cheater I am.  I mean after all. . . we are so close to Christmas.

Day 3 – What I am reading

 Okay, honestly this one worried me a bit a LOT. I do not consider myself to be much of a reader.  I would love to show you I am reading books by:  Chaucer, Shakespeare, and even Dostoyevski.  When I read today’s assignment I thought I would just skip this one all together. But, then my daughter said “Mom, you always have a book in your hand.”  You read everything we read and more. Your always studying something. 

I am???

and then I looked around and thought –   Huuu?
Reading is my thing. If I’m not teaching reading to my 1st grader, I’m reading to her. If I’m not reading to her, I am working with my high school kids reviewing: Chaucer, Shakespeare and all things British Literature.  When I’m not reading with them, I am reading things my oldest writes and wants to publish or I’m  reading about how to “Write a Term paper”
 I am reading books on nutrition because of “the little problem” Mark has with his heart.  I’m reading an American Sign Language book . . .And when I have time for myself I read on the computer about photography.   I just may be a reader.  
Uh? Who Knew???

Day 2 ~ Elf

The theme for today is Elf. I didn’t have one.

I didn’t even know I needed an one;  I didn’t know anything about an Elf.   I had to Google Elf and find out what it was all about. As I researched I realized what it was that I was missing from my childhood.  I realized what it was I was keeping from my own children.  I knew then I needed to have a very serious talk with my mother.  As I pulled into her driveway this very elf was ridding up on his silver reindeer.

Boy! I was lucky! 
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