Day 5 ~ Someone that I love 
December Photo-A-Day Challenge | I Heart Faces | Enter via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more
This one was HARD for me. . . there are so many people in my life how I can I choose just one?  
 I did what I do best. . .  I cheated.  I decided to post a photo that’s not really the best photo but, the photo that makes me smile the most.  I also picked a photo that shows just some of the people in my life that truly makes my heart flutter.
I love this photo because of the way they are touching fists. They were talking about working together on something and everyone was excited.  I don’t remember what it was. I just happened to click and they just happened to look. . . all at the same time. 
Since I’m cheating anyway. . . I figured I would go all the way and enter this photo into Mrs. Clause’s photo contest. I do hope she will be a pal and not tell Santa what a cheater I am.  I mean after all. . . we are so close to Christmas.

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