Friday night my girls were in a little Christmas recital.

Kathryn played the harp, piano and then she brought the house down when she sang – My Fair Lady’s   “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” .  She was fabulous. . . or should I say,  It was all simply Loverly.
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8 thoughts on “Stripes. . . . Day 10

  1. the harp is my all time fav instrument. i've always imagined buying a small one for myself, but they are expensive and I believe they are very challenging to learn to play…..maybe I could…….Lovely photo of a lovely young lady. Happy Advent as we celebrate the second week: the week of Preparation.Rosemary


  2. Pretty girls who make great hot chocolate, sing and play the harp are amazingly talented!! 🙂 Congrats Kathryn. PS I've got milk, marshmellows, and cocoa for your celbration!! 🙂


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