I didn’t tell you. 

Santa bought me a big girl camera for Christmas. 

AND OH! MY Gosh!  

I love it. 
It’s so much fun playing with it and learning new things. 

This week I am learning about the F- stop and what it means to my camera. Even though I don’t really understand what it means. . . I understand how to make the back ground in my photos fuzzy . . .and really that’s all I want. . . this week.  I’ll get the rest sooner or later. . . I hope. 

So, what does F-stop mean??? Uhhh, well it has to do with aperture So, the lower  your f-stop number is the more out of focus your back ground becomes.  I know that much is true.  You should also have your camera set on aperture mode or A when you want this effect. 
So, . . . I think all this means – the wider the eye of the lens opens – the lower the f-stop goes – meaning more light comes into the eye of the camera. Or all this might mean – the lower with the f-stop the less light goes in to the eye of the camera. . . Mmmm, I have to study it more. . .don’t take my word for it. 

You should look it up and tell me – as you can tell, I find it all very confusing.   

 I just know: I really, really LOVE the camera and I love the effect I get when the F-stop number is low. 

Bubbles anyone???

Little by Little

9 thoughts on “Me and my Nikon D5000

  1. You lucky girl, what a wonderful camera!I love bubbles, but now all grown up…LOL, I love pink bubbles in my Champagne and a lot of bubbles in my bath ;)It took me a while understanding aperture, light etc. etc. There are some awsome tutorials on Youtube and Two peas in a bucket has free lessons on photography too. My latest class was with Tracey at Big Picture Classes.All your pictures are lovely, and I know you'll love and enjoy your photographic journey. I'm still learning.Hugs,B.


  2. Congrats on your BGC! I can remember feel very fuzzy trying to understand it all several years ago. Persistence and hard work will reap big rewards! Go for it! Those are some sweet looking little girls. Love the bubbles.


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