Last Saturday I took my very first photography class. . . ever! I was so darn excited about it all – I could hardly remember which end of the camera to look into to take  the photograph.

Rainy Day sunday

The biggest thing I learned from this class was how to use my camera on manual. I learned about metering and how white balance, ISO and shutter speed should balance. There has to be balance and order in the photograph.

Well, this  made sense to me.

The photographer who taught the class said something else that made sense to me:  he said, “Do not think you can absorb all this today, and then not use it until sometime next week. ” “Take a shot of something everyday and put it out there.” “Put the photograph on Facebook, a blog or something for others to see. . .everyday for a month. ”  “That’s the only way to grow in your photography.”

So, here I go . . . day three of  taking a photo everyday and putting it out there. . . for 30 days. 

Gee, I hope I can do it!  Is there anyone out there who would like to join me? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Little by Little


10 thoughts on “One Photo Everyday

  1. ”That’s the only way to grow in your photography.” This is so true! I have learnt more through my 365 project than anything else and my photography has been transformed as a result. Enjoy your 30 day challenge



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