Yesterday proved to be a very stressful day for us.  Kathryn’s Daisy was missing and we couldn’t find her anywhere.

Golden Flowers

We looked everywhere  

and Kathryn cried

and cried

and cried

. . . all day. 

Later on  in the evening Mark, Liz and I were off to Charlotte.  Matthew was flying home from college. His college roommate , Levi, was with him.  Levi will be staying with us  for the summer. 


Kathryn and Stephen stayed home in hopes  Daisy would return.

Kathryn called in tears many times  to report  Daisy still had not returned.  .  . 

and she cried

and cried

and cried

. . . to me on the phone

and there was nothing I could do. 

On the way home from the airport . . . Kathryn called again:

she  was joyful this time because had found her Daisy behind the house. 

In a little corner we failed to look into. 

Kathryn had found her Daisy,

and with Daisy

there were six new pups. 


Project 52


7 thoughts on “a new day

    1. Oh! Yes Way! I thought Daisy looked fat. 🙂 Today is a day filled with smiles for my Kathryn. shuuu. My husband on the other hand is not as thrilled. LOL!


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