Six years ago when we brought Kathryn’s  Daisy home I told my husband I would like Daisy to have one litter of puppies and then we would get her fixed.  Daisy and her pups

I promised! I explained to him how I wanted my children to  experience this miracle of life.  

After six years of no babies for Daisy – we decided . . . she couldn’t have any.  


Lately we were in the habit of calling Daisy fat.

I called her “Fat Daisy”

But, three days ago it occurred to me. . . that she looked very round and I suggested to  Kathryn that I was not sure but,  “our fat Daisy just might be with puppies. “


When she disappeared the other day. . . we were very concerned.   Daisy never left the yard.  

When Kathryn found Daisy with 6 very large black and white babies it was such a relief all was okay. 

Leah my favorite of the day

 and the miracle of life thing that I wanted to share with the children . . . happened. 

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