An education is one of the most important things you can do for a child.  With 11 years of homeschooling under my belt which includes: many sleepless nights, days of  tears, and just plan uncertainty from outside pressure getting to us –  “are we doing the right thing?”  “Can I really teach all my children like this? “How will they do in college if they have been sheltered their whole life.” 


On behalf of the home school mother’s of the world. . . I am proud to say my college age son, Matthew, graduated with honers from our community college and now that he is away  at Benedictine – He received all A’s and B’s and has ended the year with  a grade point average of 3.8.

Stephen started the jump start program last quarter. This is duel  credit for high school and college.  He has a 3.0.   

 I can’t tell you how I feel right now but, I can tell all home-school moms this:  WE can SO do this thing! 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ” 

Nelson Mandela 


Little Things Thursday

8 thoughts on “an Education

  1. That is so encouraging to hear! I think we all have those moments of freaking out! 11 years is a good long time, and you still carry on! Good job Mama!


    1. Sometimes I really think I need my head examined to explain the carrying on. 🙂 You know how hard homeschooling is. Some days there are lots of tears just from the teacher. LOL!


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