Yesterday I was suppose to have my very first real outside photo shoot with my neighbors family. Well, it rained all day.  It didn’t just rain all day –  it poured all day.

 This was not the first time this very photo shoot was postponed. We were going to do it two weeks ago but,  it has  poured the last three weekends in a row. 

spiny thing

Instead of giving up or getting frustrated  I’m going to look at this as a good thing.  These rained out sessions will only give me more time for much needed practice.  

Instead of my family and people shots today,  after the rain I went out into the yard and thought I would work on micro a little   Even though it was getting late and still drizzling I wanted to shoot something small.  Because I wanted a  small object I needed a  small hand to help.   I asked my youngest daughter to hold the sweet gum ball in the air as I worked.  She happily obliged. 

I think she did a great job too. 

I ended up taking this shot in aperture mode with an F stop of 5.6.   Since it was late in the evening, I decided to use the  flash.

What do you think??? 


Project 52

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