Remember . . .

when I told you Daisy had six new puppies and we were all excited?

three pups

Remember when I told you, I thought it would be great fun for the kids to see how puppies grow?  


Remember, I told you about how Daisy disappeared for two days, and Kathryn cried

and cried

and cried?

Remember how  we found our new mother in the woods with her new babies? 

Black and brown pup

Well. . .

Six weeks are up. 

And it’s time to start looking for good homes for these little guys. 

side view of brown & BLACK pup

Now it’s Liz’s turn to . . . 


and cry

and cry.

She told me last night she just realized it was time to give them up.

and she cried

and cried

and cried.


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a clear understanding

So you know I have been taking this photography class right? And I love it!  I love taking a photo everyday, and I love posting these photos.  I love the fact that I am now shooting all my photos in Raw.

6.20.13 Matthew

What does that mean? 

Well, I forget. 

But, it sounds like I know what I am doing so I like it. 

The only down side to shooting in Raw is ~ I have to run all my photos through Photoshop, and honestly, I  just don’t understand Photoshop. 

I have been using picMonkey to edit my photos for sometime now and I like it. 

It’s so easy. 

6.20.13 Matthew 2

I don’t understand Photoshop. . . .   Did I already say that? 

It’s so hard. 

But, I found this video that explains the basics of Photoshop and I watched it. 

I still don’t fully understand Photoshop.   But, the video helped.  I feel better about the whole thing.

Matthew at the childres

I think. 


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Yesterday was a busy day for us. We were out and about doing our busy thing.  In all our busyness I looked down at my sweet little sunshine and thought. . . 


Her hair really is a mess.”

Even though I brush it and try to pull it back . . . she just wont have it.  

06.18.13 Liz  at the park

She likes it down. 

I pull out my phone and give my hair dresser a call, and then I tell   my little sunshine the big news. 

She is not happy and feels very stressed about the whole thing. 

She tells me: “She wants her hair to grow out like Tangles and if she gets it cute then how will it ever look good?” 

We go to the park to talk about what we will do and to ease our  hair cut stress.   She just needed a little time to get use to the idea.   

06.18.13 Liz  swiinging

We  think for a long time. 

and then it was time to go . . . 


I knew it could  go either way. . . 

Will she like her new do. . . or will she hate it. 

We could have  tears for weeks. 

06.18.13 Liz _1


Even though we have had a lot of rain, the sun is still shining here in the South. 


Little by Little 

especially her. . .

You know, I’m really loving the photography class I’m taking.  Not only is it getting me out to take  photos everyday –  I am  sharing  the photos I take with you guys. 

AND I love that. 

Kathryn - signed

The best thing that’s happening though is: I have homework.

kathryn-_2 edited

Even though it may sound a little crazy to be happy about homework, it’s not.  I have discovered my older kids want to help me with my homework. They are a little more eager to let  me play photographer.  

Kathryn - love it! 6.17.13

Especially her!

I have been trying to nail her down for photos for weeks, okay months. It just was not happening. I couldn’t get her to do it at all . . .until yesterday.  

Kathryn - line of grass edited

We had so much fun.  I love this class.  I  love this girl. 


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a session with a wanna be photographer. . .

This week in my photography class I’m working on lines, patterns and posing. 

Kids by pool 1

So, I asked these three if they could give me a hand with my homework. 

Kids by pool 1_3

They were very eager to please me. 

Kids by pool 2 very cute smile 4_1

I wanted them to get in a line at the edge of the pool and fold their arms.

Simple Right? 

“Smile now.

Not to big.

Not to small.

Fold your arms

and lift yourself up.

You can do that right?  

Darn that didn’t work . . . there are to many shadows on your face.” 

Kids by pool 2 very cute best I think

“Let’s try it all over again over here.” 

“Oh! Now your squinting. 

Darn. . . Hmmmmm”


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real life. . .

Today is my 22 wedding anniversary.  


Has it always been smooth sailing?


Some days I have thought the ship might sink. . .

but, you know what?

I’d marry him all over again in an instant.  He takes my breath away, and I simply believe in him.  

Smooth sailing is for wimps. I have  a real life to live.


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the computer age

As I mindlessly told her the address for this wordpress blog I heard her typing on her brother’s laptop.

Then she says,  “Is this it Mom?”  Much to my amazement. . .  she’s on the site.  And then I remember, at 6 years old – she has not known life without a computer.  I should ask her to teach me how to use Photoshop and save myself sometime. 


Ready to Waltz 


Alice in Wonderland


“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”  says Alice

Alice in Wonderland


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