I started taking a photography class online this week. To be totally honest. . . I find the whole thing kind of intimidating.     I mean, I have never had anyone really critique my photos before.  




The assignment for the week is summer.  It’s wide open.  

eyes 2

My first thought for this homework was to take lots of shots of the kids at the pool. After all, what says summer more then a pool? But then, a South Carolina thundershower came out of nowhere,  and these are what I ended up submitting for the day. 

After all – What says South Carolina Summers more then a thundershower coming out of nowhere? 

liz wet with puppy


I gotta tell ya. I see some really nice photos from these ladies in this class and I’m feeling a little like these two look.  


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10 thoughts on “a little intimidated

  1. Only compare yourself to you! If you learn something, that makes it worth it. I think the class is the best thing to do. Let it push you, and challenge you to the next level! I can remember many a night with tears and feeling like I would never learn something. I used that to dig deep! You are doing great, Lisa! We will cheer you on!


  2. You have no need to be worried at all! You have a great talent, and you must do the world a wondrous favor to let it flourish! There will always be those photographic critiques and guidelines – and listen to them, by all means – but never forget to input your own creativity and passion. If you’re nervous, like I often am about many things, remember this: your classmates/opponents/competitors/peers will always know something you don’t, but the way to win the race is to anchor yourself in your own talent and build it upon your own passion, something they will never own. The first photo is my very favorite — I love that perspective, so mysterious to bring about such curiosity. Great post & I wish you luck with your class! Blessings to you!

    Allie @ Framed by God


    1. Dear Allie,

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! You just made my night! I am definitely coming back to this comment every time I feel like I’m not good enough. Your the best!

      xoxo, Lisa


  3. What a cute puppy! You are taking the class to learn and your pictures look great to me. I hope you end up liking the class in the end and that it helps make you more confident in your work.


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