This week in my photography class I’m working on lines, patterns and posing. 

Kids by pool 1

So, I asked these three if they could give me a hand with my homework. 

Kids by pool 1_3

They were very eager to please me. 

Kids by pool 2 very cute smile 4_1

I wanted them to get in a line at the edge of the pool and fold their arms.

Simple Right? 

“Smile now.

Not to big.

Not to small.

Fold your arms

and lift yourself up.

You can do that right?  

Darn that didn’t work . . . there are to many shadows on your face.” 

Kids by pool 2 very cute best I think

“Let’s try it all over again over here.” 

“Oh! Now your squinting. 

Darn. . . Hmmmmm”


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9 thoughts on “a session with a wanna be photographer. . .

  1. Anytime you photograph in the broad daylight and full sun, have the kids with their back to the sun and you shooting into the sun. This way, you won’t have the squints. For instance, having the kids on the other side of the pool, facing the other way. Does this make sense?


  2. Lovely photos! Just an idea…for a creative angle, you might be interested in putting the camera closer to the ground afar from your subjects to where you can blur the ground and get your subjects focused with distance. Ah, confusing, I know, I’m sorry! Hope that makes the least bit of sense. Just take a breath & let the rest come easy. Photography is a beautiful thing — enjoy it (: Blessings to you & have a wonderful week!

    Allie @ Framed by God


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