You know, I’m really loving the photography class I’m taking.  Not only is it getting me out to take  photos everyday –  I am  sharing  the photos I take with you guys. 

AND I love that. 

Kathryn - signed

The best thing that’s happening though is: I have homework.

kathryn-_2 edited

Even though it may sound a little crazy to be happy about homework, it’s not.  I have discovered my older kids want to help me with my homework. They are a little more eager to let  me play photographer.  

Kathryn - love it! 6.17.13

Especially her!

I have been trying to nail her down for photos for weeks, okay months. It just was not happening. I couldn’t get her to do it at all . . .until yesterday.  

Kathryn - line of grass edited

We had so much fun.  I love this class.  I  love this girl. 


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10 thoughts on “especially her. . .

  1. Such a beautiful daughter … and a beautiful portrait session, Lisa! I really love the setting of the last image, great composition! Wish I had a daughter to practice with! I also want to thank you for dropping by to check in on me over here on WP. I just got saw your comment, and I’m doing well, just extremely busy this week, but I want to tell you to keep encouraging me to post a-photo-a-day!! I’ll get there, I promise! Just seeing your site, and your faithfulness to daily posting, sure does encourage me to get a move on! I thank you! You have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’m going to see about posting something here very soon! 🙂


    1. Thank you Nicki 🙂 If you knew how long it took me to get her out there you would laugh. After we finished the shots – she says.. .Well mom, that was kind of fun. LOL!!! Kids!


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